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Tables, Tents & Chairs


Fun Services can supply a various number of different size tents. Our most popular tents are listed  below. Please call for prices on larger size tents. (All the below must accompany other attractions.)


20' x 30' POLE TENT - This 20' x 30' tent has a red and white striped top. Great for use as a bingo tent or as a cover for your eating area. Tent can only be set-up on a grassy area.


30' x 30' FRAME TENT - This 30' x 30' tent has a white top.



10' x 10' CANOPY BOOTH - 10' x 10' booth is the same size as our game booth. Each booth will be covered in a red and white striped canopy top with red and white striped skirting and backdrop. Great for use as an Information/Registration Booth.


10' x 10' POP-UP - 10' x 10' Pop-up is great for use with face painters and other entertainers. Pop-up includes solid canopy top. Pop-up tents do not have sides or backdrops.


TABLES – Tables are available in both 6’ and 8’ sizes. (tablecloths and skirting available.)


CHAIRS – Folding Chairs are available to accommodate any size party.


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