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Holiday Gift Shop®/Santa's Secret Shop®

Program Overview

For more than two decades, the Holiday Gift Shop/Santa's Secret Shop program by Fun Services has given children this satisfying experience by helping them do their own holiday shopping.  With help from volunteers, students learn valuable lessons on how to budget, select appropriate gifts, make purchases and handle money in the warm and comfortable atmosphere of their school. Students are able to choose gifts for their parents, family, friends, pets, or themselves, at bargain prices...and with their gifts, their purchases are handled SECRETLY, as a surprise for their family and friends! Best of all, it's so much fun they don't realize they are learning!

Expect The Best with Fun Services

Our Holiday Gift Shop® / Santa's Secret Shop®

                        programs provide:

 - Android Tablet w/Scanner – Simply scan the bar-code, just like at

   the local department store for lightning fast checkout!


 - Quality Merchandise


 - No Up-Front Costs


 - All Items on Consignment - You pay only for merchandise not

   returned to Fun Services at the end of your program.


 - FREE Dependable, Local Delivery Service - ANYWHERE throughout Virginia, Maryland or DC!


- FREE Supplies & FAST, NEXT-DAY Re-Orders

         - Pick-Up & Delivery by our Fun Services Truck with more items at the Beginning of Your Sale

           Plus, our Hand-Delivery makes for Lightning Fast Re-orders!!

         - Call in as late as 4 PM for NEXT DAY DELIVERY on RE-ORDERS! Most of our competitors have a cut-off time of 1 PM.

            We're working to make re-ordering even easier with our 4 PM cut-off time on NEXT DAY DELIVERY ON RE-ORDERS!


- Local, Friendly, Helpful & Professional Staff


- Product Liability Insurance


- You Choose the Pricing - Arrange the profit margin you want, from 10% to 30% or more, depending on your needs!


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In most schools, the Holiday Gift Shop®/Santa's Secret Shop® is held during school hours, so each child has an equal opportunity to participate. It is easier to run if the children are allowed to shop one classroom at a time. However, the Holiday Gift Shop®/Santa's Secret Shop® program can be held before or after school, during lunch, recess, library time, during each student's free time or even on Saturday. Some schools add an evening session for parents as well.


Operating a Holiday Gift Shop®/Santa's Secret Shop® program by Fun Services of Virginia is an excellent SERVICE PROJECT for the school to perform for its community! If your school is limited in the number of fundraisers that it can hold each year, holding a Holiday Gift Shop®/Santa's Secret Shop® as a SERVICE PROJECT is an excellent alternative.


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