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Cookie Dough

Program Overview

We now carry a 4 page cookie dough fund raiser.  Have a look at one of our sample brochures*.

*Sample only.  Actual brochure may vary.

Receive the following tools to make your Cookie Dough Fundraiser a success:


- Brochures (up to a 4 page brochure at no cost) View brochure example*.

Parent Letter

Collated Materials

Student packed orders

Prize Program

- Computer Reports for the Student Packed Orders

- Product Delivery is Coordinated by our Customer Service Team


Fun Services Virginia offers a Customer Service Team who understands fundraising. We know the process from start to finish and will work your fundraising group to help answer your questions while providing important tips and suggestions for making your cookie dough fundraiser  as successful as possible.


For more information, or to get started: CONTACT US.

More about your

Cookie Dough Materials

A sales kit will be provided for every member, at NO COST. This kit includes:


- FREE Larger brochures (additional brochures or other collateral will be charged  at the rate listed on the Materials Order Form)


- One (1) FREE Main Stock Brochure PV2018, PV2022, PV2026, or PV2023,


           - One 4 page Custom Brochure

           - Prize Program, plus

                  - One (1) envelope, plus

                  - One (1) parent/program letter


- FREE  Kick Off Posters


- FREE Notice template for “Sale Coming Soon”, “Sale Ends”, and “Cookie Dough Delivery”


- FREE “Announcement Scripts” for promoting the event every day throughout the sale



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