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Frozen Cookie Dough Fundraising

Our goal is to provide the highest level of customer service along with the highest quality product.  Classic Cookie® cookies use premium ingredients like Reese's Pieces®, Heath Bar® & Butterfinger®, which means an easier product to sell for your group.

Our cookie dough fundraiser offers a variety of delicious cookie dough flavors and can be run alongside of some other great sellers too.


Our brochures offer either a traditional cookie dough brochure or a combination brochure that includes additional tasty treats and popular products!  Interested in running your cookie dough fundraiser along with a Fall or Spring Catalog?  No problem!  Increase your sales by increasing your options.  Ask us which we would recommend for your area.


  • We print your parent letters & stuff your seller packets for you!
  • Purchase to the Piece, not to the case!  This could save you hundreds of dollars in profits and eliminate the worries of storing extras.
  • Quality products, name brand ingredients – With brand names like Reese's Pieces®, Heath Bar® & Butterfinger®, this program is sure to sell.
  • Seller packed delivery – Your orders arrive already sorted by seller so there’s no extra sorting for your group to handle.
  • We tally your orders and enter your final order for you.
  • Online Shopping allows for friends & family across the country to help support your cause too.
  • Accumulative Prize program that rewards the students with more prizes for selling more items. The prize program is provided at NO COST to the school!



Cookie Dough    |    Cookie Dough Combo



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We encourage you to review why working with a local company can have a huge impact on your overall level of service.


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