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Fun Fairs - Consignment


How can Fun Services help to make your event a success?

Fun Services has helped thousands of customers just like yourself for over 40 years. We pride ourselves in offering the best and most comprehensive service in the area - from the initial planning to the final clean up. Our games are child tested to provide hours of fun, and our concessions are always a hit!




Our Full Service “Consignment” Fun Fair includes the following:

1. Event Coordinator - Our event coordinator will assist your organization with planning your event and assist your crew with site set-up

    and take-down. Your event coordinator will also answer any questions regarding games, prizes, equipment and the final bill.


2. Prizes - All prizes are provided on complete consignment. Fun Services experienced staff selects and packs all prizes for the fun fair.


3. Free Game Rentals - Fun Services supplies games (between 8 and 14 per fun fair) at no charge to your organization.


4. Half-Price Hinge Booth Rentals - Fun Services will supply all booths at 50% of the regular cost.

    (Costs of Hinge Booth Rentals are $25  - Reg. $50) and Canopy Booth Rentals are $125 - Reg. $250.)


5. Rides & Concessions - Rides and concession machines are supplied on a flat rental price. Concession supplies are provided on

    consignment. All rides are discounted from regular rates for Full-Service Fun Fairs. (Email us for current school special pricing.)


6. Delivery & Pick-Up - All prizes, games, rides, etc. are delivered and picked-up by Fun Services personnel.


7. Payment - Payment is required in full at the end of your event. Payment is based on the number of prizes given away, ride/concession

    rentals, plus any additional supplies used at the fun fair. An $125 coordination fee will also be charged. The coordination fee includes

    delivery & pick-up, programming, packing and event coordination. (No deposits are required)



Consignment Fun Fair Responsibilities

The following is a list of responsibilities for both parties; Fun Services and your organization.




    - We supply games and game supplies. (No charge)


    - We supply game booths. The number and type booths are determined by Fun Services. These booths are 8ft. wide by 4ft. deep and

      act as a partition between game and player and lend a carnival atmosphere to the events appearance. Booths are typically pulled 10

      feet from the wall. (NOTE: Due to fire regulations, booths can not be placed in classrooms or hallways)


    - We provide all prizes on complete consignment. (Pay only for prizes given away)

      (Note: $450 minimum prize billing on full service fun fairs)


    - We supervise set-up of the event along with 3-4 adult helpers from your organization.

      Our arrival will be approximately 2 hours before start of the event.


    - We provide your booth workers with game instructions and inventory sheets.


    - We provide game signs. (Upon request)


    - We supervise take-down of booths and games immediately at end of event. (Again 3-4 helpers required)


IMPORTANT: Organizations will be charged $100 if at least 3 helpers are not available for set-up and/or $100 if at least 3 helpers are not available for take-down at agreed upon times. (NOTE: Fun Services will handle set-up and take-down of all moon bounces, rides, etc.)





    - You choose the Games and set prices on each game. Additional charges of $30.00 per game may apply if choosing over the

       recommended number of games for your enrollment. 200-399 students: 8-10 games; 400-499 students: 10-12 games ; 500+ students:

       12-15 games


    - You choose number and type of rides or concessions. (Warning: Fun Services suggests keeping the number rides and concessions to

       a minimum. These items represent a fixed cost and require a certain number of participants to break event)


    - You supply 3-4 helpers for set-up and take-down.


    - You coordinate all game, concession, rides (adults only) and redemption area workers.


    - You supply 1 table and 1 ticket can for each game. (Empty gallon milk containers work best)


    - You pay for prizes, rentals and $125 coordination fee at the end of event. A ten percent (10%) late charge will be applied to

       payments made after due date. (No deposits are required)


    - You make the profit!




REGULAR:  All 1st, 2nd, 3rd place consolation prizes will be displayed and won at the game.


CONSOLATION REDEMPTION: All 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes will be displayed and won at the game.

Or, instead of receiving a consolation prize at the game, each player who does not win a major prize will receive a coupon marked “Redemption”. The players save these consolation coupons and redeem them for prizes at a separate redemption table.

The categories for redemption prizes range from 1 to 50 redemption coupons.   2-3 workers are needed to set-up, run and inventory this consolation redemption table.


TOTAL REDEMPTION (Recommended Option)

All 1st thru consolation prizes will be awarded on a redemption coupon system. No prizes will be displayed at the game booth. (Except for a few games that can not be played under a redemption system. Examples ­Duck Pond, Prize is Right, Spin-O-Prize, etc.).  A certain number of redemption coupons will be awarded instead of an actual prize. (Example: 50, 30, 25, 10 , 5, 1 , etc.) The prize categories range from 1 to 350 points in which you purchase these prizes with the redemption coupons. 4-5 workers are needed to set-up, run and inventory this redemption table. It is suggested that one person be in charge of this redemption center. (School to provide 4-5 tables for redemption center)


All carnival games are set-up and operated the same under all three options. All three options are programmed to maintain the same degree of profit.



RECOMMENDATION: Fun Services recommends the use of the total redemption program. Why?

1. Better Prizes - By collecting tokens, the children are able to save up their tokens. This allows students to pick one or two items

    instead of ending up with many of the small consolation prizes.


2. Security - By keeping all prizes in one location, the security of the prizes will be easier.


3. Easier Clean-Up - With prizes in one central location, the equipment can be loaded on the truck while the students are selecting

    their prizes.


NOTE: Total Redemption program does require more volunteers and may have longer lines at end of fair.




Thank you for your help in volunteering to run a booth for your school carnival.  There are a few general instructions for game workers to follow:

1. Accept __________ tickets only.


2. Accept tickets only - No cash.


3. Tear tickets in half before dropping them in a container.


4. NO children in booths.


5. Do not open more than one sealed box or bag of each type of prize. Opened boxes and/or bags can not be returned for credit.


6. Please stay for about 5 minutes when your replacement worker arrives in order to explain the game. Most mistakes occur after a shift change.


7. Last shift -Please count and record the number of prizes you have left after your booth closes. This will take about ten minutes and is very important. This count will determine how much your organization owes Fun Services for prizes. Do not open sealed boxes and/or bags to count them. The amount in each can be read without opening them.


8. Please remember that an "almost win" is not a "win". Your organization's profit depends on how many prizes are given away.


If you have any problems during the event, please see ___________________________ or a Fun Services representative.

HAVE FUN! And again thanks for your help!




1. First Shift:  First shift of workers should arrive 30 minutes before carnival opens. They should display prizes in the booth and make sure they understand how their game is played.


2. During operation of the event, check to see that:

      - No children are in the booths.

      - Booths are not pushed back or games moved forward.

      - The games are being played according to instructions.

      - Booth workers are:

           - Tearing tickets in half

           - Not giving out prizes unless fairly won.

           - Not taking out prizes for their own use.


3. New workers often make mistakes. Check to see that they:

      - Understand their game. The old shift workers should stay 5 minutes to explain the game to the next shift of game workers.

      - Know where the prizes are. Frequently, the new worker does not know more prizes exist in a box in the booth.

      - Know not to open more than one sealed box or bag of each type. Opened bags or boxes of merchandise

        (marked on game sheet as packed in doz. or gr.) can not be returned for credit.

      - Know what to do if they run out of prizes. Contact you or the Fun Services representative.


4. If a booth runs out of prizes:

      - Check to see if any prizes are left in the box.

      - Use all prizes at that winning level before substituting.

      - You or the Fun Services rep may substitute another prize of equal or lesser value from another game.

      - Make sure inventory sheets are adjusted at the end of the event.


5. When closing down:

      - Clear event site of children as soon as possible.

      - See that booth workers are completing their inventory counting and filling out the inventory sheets.

      - See that you have 3-4 helpers lined up to help the Fun Services representative.

        Also, see that you have any other clean up crew you need for other tasks

      - Have treasurer available to settle billing at end of event. Try to get the booth workers to run their booth as if it were their own

        business. Remember: Giving away prizes is like giving away money! Watch for mistakes.

       The noise/activity at an event of this kind makes it difficult to concentrate.




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